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The PSIR is an optional subject in the main UPSC test. It is closely related to the society, citizens, government, and bureaucracy of India & globe. The aspirants of civil services must be aware of this subject & its aspects for comprehending the political environment in which they are likely to work.

Destination IAS Academy introduces aspirants to the present and past of politics in the history of India and the globe in the right and simplest way. This PSIR optional coaching in Delhi can prove a turning point in your career.

Why Should You Choose this Course?

This course is a reasonable choice, which covers half of the General Studies course. It’s the biggest reason to choose it. Besides, it’s one of the oldest disciplines. IAS aspirants from different academic backgrounds find it suitable and interesting to learn. Being relevant to General Studies paper, it covers the National Movement, both historically and theoretically. Plus, it covers what’s happening and has happened on the societal, governmental, and political levels. For instance, Indian security, Marx, Gramsci, etc. issues coincide with the GS paper topics. So, the relevancy of this course is really higher than any other optional course.


Apart from that, civil services aspirants who want to enter bureaucracy must understand the fundamentals of political science. It makes them aware of the political changes all around the country & globe. Our best coaching for PSIR optional in Delhi covers end-to-end polity.

Also, it’s a non-technical subject that UPSC aspirants find easy to understand and study. The topics and concepts are mostly general that one reads in a newspaper every day, which eases the IAS current affairs preparation.

There are many topics that are covered in Paper-1 and Paper-2 of political science and international relations, such as liberalism, feminism, ideas of marxism, issues of democracy, human rights, & environment, etc.

Why Should You Join Destination IAS Academy?

Destination IAS Academy is an academy of real achievers. With over 500 selections in the IAS and PCS examinations, it proves to be one of the top political science and international relations optional course-providing institutions. We have some top achievers who ranked 1, 10th, 35th, 36th, 48th, 96th, and 172 recently.

We have an academic history of 24+ years since 1999. Honourable PK Mishra and Executive Director Kailash Mishra are firmly drawing the talent from the youth to translate them into civil servants of the future via this IAS academy in Delhi.

We have a provision for virtual or online classes. Our advanced teaching methods are more interactive and simpler. We avail coaching in Hindi and English medium. This choice leverages students to choose the language that they feel is easy to understand during the PSIR best coaching for political science optional in Delhi.

Get registered with our academy to ensure success in the UPSC examinations because you deserve to win.


Here is the syllabus to come across the topics that are included in our onsite and the best online coaching for political science optional courses.

  • All the civil services aspirants will have to study at least 70% syllabus of political science.
  • Political science covers more than 50% syllabus of GS:
    • i. Eight out of twelve topics of the paper second (II) (Indian Heritage and Culture, History, and Geography of the World and Society)
    • ii. Complete paper third (III) (Governance, Constitution, Polity, Society, Justice and International Relations)
    • iii. Topics number 8, 17, 19, and 20 of paper fourth (IV) (Technology, Economic Development, Bio-Diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management)
    • iv. Topic number 1 of the paper fifth (V) (Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude)
  • One Essay
  • Interview that covers mainly current national and international a….integral part of political science.

Interview that covers mainly current national and international a….integral part of political science.

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