US-NATO Summit in 2018 and Its Impact on Global Politics

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A big fair of NATO nations organized in Brussels on 11 July, 2018. The representatives of all 29 countries were assembled. Having an in-depth discussion over the military proceedings, security, its finance and also, the multiple roles of all member countries surfaced at the top.

The most prominent role was of the US president-Donald Trump. Let’s have a look below to know how he kept the summit ‘alive’ this year.

Trump called for doubling the military spending:

Trump-the representative of the Whitehouse, was on a seven-day tour to 3 different countries in the Europe. He upended the member countries over their failure in investing at least 2 percent of their GDP. He criticized them while interpreting that the US alone bears the massive part of the NATO’s military spending. Also, they should think about investing 4 percent of their GDP as a military spending in the Europe. But indeed, the commitment of spending 2 percent of the GDP is to be achieved by 2024. Therefore, it was an incorrect interpretation that irked several members, as of Germany and Norway.

The allies still have six years in spare to achieve the decided military spending. Therefore, Donald’s statement valued null.

US President Censured Russia over Crimea:

The US president bluntly remarked that he’s against the illegitimate control of Crimea by Russia, which it seized in 2014. This statement echoed contradictory. He, by himself, said on Air Force One a week before the NATO summit that he was considering for supporting Russia over confiscating Crimea in 2014.

However, all allies had inked the agreement namely “30-30-30-30”- NATO’s Readiness Initiative. It’s pushed by a defence secretary Jim Mattis. It explicitly allows NATO to assemble and deploy in a fighting force of 30 land battalion, 30 aircraft squadrons and 30 warships within 30 days. This is how the progressive power of Russia would be terminated.

Sharply Shot At Germany & Berlin via Criticism  

The US president singled out Germany through a humiliating statement. The phrases “controlled by Russia”, “captive of Russia” and its dependence on the same nation for natural gas clearly exhibited his blunt remarks. An insight reveals that Berlin approved for Gazprom, which is a Russian energy tycoon. This approval green signaled it to lay down the Nord Stream 2 pipeline through its water.

On being criticized, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Markel strongly retaliated by saying that Germany can make its own policies and can make its own decisions. Further, she iterated firmly that her country trails the US that had backed America-led military efforts in Afghanistan.

The unpleasant remarks of the president of the United Nation unfolded his bitterness. He was, actually, unhappy with the former chancellor of the Germany who nodded for constructing the pipeline through its water so that Russia could supply it the natural gas. According to him, this project can threaten the security and environment of the West Europe.

Let’s wrap up-US NATO Summit 2018 and its impact over the world!

The NATO summit 2018 witnessed the harsh remarks of the United Nation president. His pressing over exaggerating the military spending from 2 percent to 4 percent of the gross domestic product surfaced the headlines. However, he blamed the allied countries for not contributing their part in the military expenditure. But, the reality is opposite. None of the members has breached the agreement. The target spending was decided in 2014. And, eight members are likely to achieve this target by the end of this year. The US spent just 67 percent that was incorrectly leaked as 90 percent over the military support. Also, the NATO members exhibited solidarity with Ukraine. Its leaders met the leaders of Georgia and Ukraine to evade infiltration and violate the territorial integrity there.

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