Summit B/w Putin & Trump in 2018 & its Impact Over India, Iran & World

summit of Putin and Trump in 2018

The world’s biggest economies-United States & Russia met in the Finnish capital Helsinki in a summit. India and many other European countries eyed on it. Let’s have a cursory look over what this bilateral talk put forward:

  1. Did Russia Intercept the US Election in 2016?

Since the time Trump elected as a president of the US in 2016, hearsays are making rounds. And Russia is at its core. Many fingers pointed at its illegitimate role in Donald Trump’s win. However, Moscow has been rejected this blame straightly.

  1. America’s Support to Ukraine: US president alleged Putin for military attack over Ukrainians. Russia squarely rejected his blames.

On the other hand, Washington provided lethal weapons, like anti-tank missile, to Ukraine. It infuriated Russia. Moreover, Trump took a reverse sweep by rejecting any recognition grant to its seizing of Crimea in 2014.

  1. Repercussion of US’ Attack on Syria: Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad professed chemical attacks over America. It proved hazardous for Syria. Several bans were imposed on it by the US and its European allies in 2017 nd April 2018. The United States led military attack. This action infused bitterness in their bilateral relationship.  
  2. Bolstering on Disarmament: Both nations looked an eye for an eye over disarmament. A blame game continued to going on.  

America boiled with Russia over its invention of invincible weapons, including hypersonic missiles and unmanned submarines. On the flip side, latter country lashed out on the revamping of the US nuclear arms and the development of new low-yield atomic weapons. The Moscow called its nuclear policy as bellicose and anti-Russian.

  1. NATO’s Stringent Action Against Russia: NATO alliance is against the demonstration of power. Russia is indulged in the proxy war with Ukraine. Also, it confiscated Crimea in 2014. That’s why the alliance has decided to take an aggressive step to aim at Russia. Also, it did not appreciate a European missile shield to be installed in Romania and Poland.

And the US lashed out with a threat to face off severity.

  1. Iran Nuke Deal: Russia strongly believes in a joint fight for the legal interest regarding nuclear deal. Iran is again under the scanner due to its nuclear weapons. America unleashed sanctions once again on it. This shocked Russia and the West because it was a unilateral decision taken in 2015.
  2. Russia’s Reaction over US’ Korea Visit: Before NATO summit this year, the US president had one on one with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who agreed upon setting up at the border. Putin was happy over it. Trump & he inked a joint declaration. But still, both representatives of the biggest economies failed to pull out any concrete breakthrough over the Pyongyang’s nuclear activity. Russian foreign minister cued that the US president takes initiative to set up peace.
  3. Trade War: The tug of trade war cast its impact on these two powerful economies also. Donald Trump’s administration imposed a steep tariff on Russian aluminum and steel amid this trade war earlier. The inflicted Russia counterattacked by raising import duties on some US imported goods.
  4. US Favoured Diplomat’s Expulsion: Many global nations condemned the poisoning of a former Russian spy in the UK. Consequently, many countries flamed a regime of expelling diplomats from that country. The United States also joined this regime this year.

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