Implication of Dialogue Between N Korea and USA on World

The whole world was holding its breath to witness this moment. The peace is likely to prevail in the Korean peninsula. After a long time, the bitterness of the US and North Korea seems to fade out. The current US president Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un signed an agreement. The bilateral talk continued for 50 minutes.


Let’s look into it to know what it states:

What does the Singapore Agreement state?

Something positive is likely to happen-it’s what this agreement is all about. It brought a whiff of peace. The undisturbed Korean peninsula will, now, head toward building a lasting and stable peace there.

The Singapore Agreement states that this peninsula would word toward the complete denuclearization. In return, the US will suspend the US-South Korean military exercises. This is how this peninsula will not develop nukes.

However, the pan world has welcomed this step. But, there are several suspicions. North Korea has already violated such agreements in the past thrice. Therefore, it’s a bit tough to believe if North Korea will stick to this agreement.

Is this agreement concrete or vague?

Both nuclear powers have been in negotiation with each other since 1993. But, every US president failed to convince North Korea for inking the deal. Surely, it’s a big win for the US’ Donald Trump. But substantially, Kim is an explicit winner of this talk. He managed to freeze the US-South Korean military exercises till this agreement lasts. His territory will be free from the prospective attack.

In the nutshell, it’s a symbolic victory for Trump and the real triumph for Kim.

Its implications on the world:

  1. Peace will prevail, if the agreement will stay:

It’s the fact that North Korea has prepared a blueprint for states. These would likely to have nuclear weapons.  It’s a big threat to the world community. The message is explicit. North Korea wants a legitimate right to keep nuclear weapons. If so happens, it’ll be a big blow to the peace.

  1. Impact on South Korea and Japan:

South Korea probably will accept it a bit. But, Japan might not be happy. This move of the US has threatened it a lot. Perhaps, the US instinctively wants to reduce its footprint in East Asia. The prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, may be thinking that the joint military exercises between the US and his country are in danger. So, it emerges as a complete loser.

  1. Impact on China:

China always wants to be in a supreme position in terms of nuclear power. If North Korea will cease experimenting and testing its nuclear weapons, this power will be limited to the US, South Korea and it only. All in all, China will be unambiguous winner.

This agreement in a nutshell, has nullified the possibility of the world war. It’s less likely to happen. Although Kim might be a mighty law-violator, but the ceased testing of nuclear arms would definitely keep the temperature of conflicts under-control.

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